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Valentina, Manuela and the hotel super clicked.

Valentina Corfani and Manuela Romano, for the second year directors of Hotel Porto Azzurro - Restaurant La Sirena in Sirmione, believe it us fundamental "be present". You must be present in the most important international websites dedicated to the reviews or reservations online and in the social networks, because they are instrument "from which you must take advantage and not to fight" - tell the ... read more


Social media... the Must

Valentina Corfani and Manuela Romano, young guidelines of a hotel and restaurant in Sirmione, tell the constant attention to the outside through the new media.   Sharing content on any topic, and photographs and videos, the search for the old - new friends in the network and the desire to look and to convey our opinions , are an integral part of our culture...   By now everyone is talking about ... read more


If the 'social tourism' makes good in Sirmione.

Valentina Corfani and Manuela Romano for the second year are the guidelines of the Hotel Porto Azzurro - Sirmione Restaurant La Sirena. It has become normal for them to speak of "social tourism". Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, portals review (TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck...), portals booking (Booking, Expedia...) and the like have all become essential tools and real sales channels. The two girls have focused ... read more