Press kit


Valentina Corfani and Manuela Romano, young guidelines of a hotel and restaurant in Sirmione, tell the constant attention to the outside through the new media.
Sharing content on any topic, and photographs and videos, the search for the old - new friends in the network and the desire to look and to convey our opinions , are an integral part of our culture...
By now everyone is talking about FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, portals review (TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck... ), booking portals (Booking, Expedia...) and the like that we use more and more both privately and to promote our business. In fact, they say Manuela and Valentina, have all become essential tools and real sales channels.
The girls have focused their work primarily to strengthen the brand reputation of the hotel and restaurant (only last year is also open to non- accommodated) and can confirm that all of this brings tangible results! Suffice it to say that in two years, thanks to a team work is very important, have positioned Hotel in 9th place in the ranking of satisfaction among hotels in Sirmione drawn up by the main portal to the world of reviews and 2nd place in the most important portal review of German: thanks to this visibility have experienced an increase in demand and a greater confidence on the part of potential Italian and foreign clients. The Tourist has greatly evolved in recent years - is documented, collate, organize their trip in detail and above all it creates expectations very clear that absolutely must be reflected upon arrival at the site.
He also wants to be the protagonist of their own choices and not just the recipient of a commercial offer. Manuela and Valentina smile when we are told that most of their guests asking for the password to connect to WI FI yet before we know any other interesting information to be explored during check-in. Also, if by chance the wifi network is temporarily suspended for maintenance, we are told, are unleashed scenes of anxiety and panic, because it seems that no one can no longer live offline. Manuela confirms that in the past was different, there were waiting lists for a year with another, the random passage in the hotel was very frequent and tourists often do not know anything about the area. Today, in contrast, it happens that they are their own to inform about events or local interest that they themselves did not know ; passing customers are already aware of all offers made online by all the structures in the area and are ready for a real deal. It ' impossible to refuse from this reality: we must always be up to date on all new sales techniques and we must try to adapt to what the market calls daily with equal pace with its evolution.
Today, the customer no longer wishes to only a beautiful structure, but look impeccable service, professionalism and courtesy, ongoing support throughout their stay, want to interact via Social... of course everything must be available at a super competitive price!
And of course the "bazaar" of tariffs can not be fooled, since it is accessible in real time on the internet.
So that Manuela and Valentina spend a lot of time in trying to manage all these sales channels with maximum flexibility, they hope that this commitment continues to bring the rewards collected in the next 2014 season...
Next all girls!