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Falls on deaf ears offering paid internships in Sirmione "We also took the boys with no qualifications, but nobody wants to give up weekends and summer holidays”
Did not offer a contract princely, but an interesting starting point for young people of good will an internship in a hotel, paid 500 Euros per month, with the opportunity to learn a trade through daily practice. A start. A first approach to the world of work.
THIS WAS the proposal of a hotel in Sirmione, also addressed to young people with no qualifications or experience. Yet almost no one has come forward, and those few were soon pulled back.
Daunted by the idea of working on weekends and to give up their summer holidays.
They are due almost surrender Corfani Valentina , 33, of Brescia , graduated from the Catholic , and Manuela Romano, expert company of San Martino della Battaglia, responsible for the management of the Hotel Porto Blue
They spent an entire season in search of young trainees for employment in a variety of tasks hotels. But the season is over and not even the shadow of interns, or nearly so.
"We contacted the boys and students without experience, offering paid internships as a training opportunity - tell -. But the answers were disarming: said "I do not want to work the weekend because I would not see my boyfriend”, or "This job is too challenging," and even" I do not want to work in the summer, I prefer to go on vacation. "Do not pay or contest the tasks: talking about weekends, holidays, boyfriends”.
A STORY this is emblematic of Italy , a generation that some have called for " big babies", but that has to deal with youth unemployment at 25%.
"Although we are young - they tell Manuela and Valentina - but abbbiamo studied and worked hard to qualify, to learn and achieve results. We remained incredulous to hear so many guys so shallow and pretentious, despite having no expertise and no experience”.
This does not mean that the crisis there really is. That youth unemployment is a dramatic reality. "But it is also true - in reply Manuela and Valentina - for those who want to get involved, an ' there will always be opportunities. It's hard, but you do not need to cry on: you have to get busy. We offered the chance to learn a job, starting from scratch, with humility and sacrifice. And they all ran away”.